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Welcome to the Dee Roscioli Livejournal Community, the one and only livejournal community dedicated to the amazing actress/singer(you guessed it!) Dee Roscioli!

Dee is currently the standby for Elphaba in "Wicked" (Chicago). Her past credits include the Nat'l Tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" (Grizabella), Nat'l Tour of "Pokemon Live" (Delia Ketchum). NYSF Workshops: Dangerous Beauty (ensemble), Behind the Limelight (ensemble). Dee can also be heard on the "Pokemon Live" recording. [source: broadwayworld.com]

If you are new here, don't be afraid to introduce yourself! Tell us about you, your theater interests, how you came to know the wonderful talent that is Dee Roscioli!

-The Moderator, Michelle. ;)