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Getting to know you!

Seeing as quite a few people have joined already (which makes me immensely happy, by the way), I thought I'd start you all off with something to introduce yourself with -- every community normally offers an introduction start-off buuuuuut I apparently missed the nonexistent memo. So here we go! Some questions to answer if you need them, but FEEL FREE to introduce anything about yourself. I know this layout's different than the usual LJ layout -- to add an entry to the journal go to "update journal" on the right side column.

Favorite musicals or plays?:
When did you discover the amazingness of Dee?:
Random fact!:

I guess I'll start it off! :D

Name: Michelle, Chelle for short.
Interests: music, art, writing, theater, volleyball, performing, animals, science... and apparently web design now. The list could be massive but I'll keep it basic. :P
Favorite musicals or plays?: Wicked, Into the Woods, Rent, The Lion King, A Streetcar Named Desire, Funny Girl, Wizard of Oz.
Favorite theater actors/actress?: Dee Roscioli's a given. Julia Murney, Kate Reinders, Robert Sean Leonard, Sebastian Arcelus, Anthony Rapp, Matthew Broderick, Stephanie J. Block... the list goes on.
When did you discover the amazingness of Dee?: First of all... I have to say I live nowhere near Chicago so I haven't yet seen her live. But I'd heard Dee's name around, knew she was a standby in Wicked Chicago. But then I had the sudden urge to do some research on her and absolutely fell in love with her voice. Then I learned she grew up around where my family did -- and read in an article that she worked at Dorney Park which sort of floored me (if it's true, that is.) One, because it's Dee Roscioli. Two, because Dorney Park was my childhood and it's almost recognized less than Knobel's Grove so it was like "whoa!" So currently, it is indeed my "life's work" to get to see her perform live one day. And if the the perfectly legal recordings on the perfectly legal site have made me such a fan of her voice and acting already, then I'm psyched to see Dee live. Maybe in Wicked? Who knows... I do know that a principal role should be hers. :)
Random fact!: I love cows.

On your mark, get set, go at it! :)

- Michelle
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